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What is (Platinum Menu) system?

Why do we use Platinum Menu applications (Application Package)?

It is useful for the restaurant management in:

  • No more papers: Save the costs of designing and printing menus that can been damaged or must been changed whenever prices or offers change.
  • Restaurant management can add more attractive information about each meal such as (ingredients, HD photos, calorie ratio, offers ... etc.).
  • Reduce wrong orders.
  • Getting new customers through the Platinum Menu network and customer loyalty programs.
  • Allows the restaurant customers to register their personal information so that the system administrator can send them the latest news of the restaurant and offers.
  • Promotion through competitions and gifts.
  • Orders are received from:
    • Tablets on tables.
    • Smart phones of lounge captains.
    • The restaurant's website.
    • Mobile application of the restaurant.
    • Restaurant guide of our company.
    • Orders can be added directly from the cashier computer.
  • Serves various restaurants styles.
  • It is useful for the restaurant customers:

  • Get more information about the ingredients and contents of the meal.
  • View HD photos of the meal.
  • Enjoying food ordering.
  • Easy to use.
  • Sense of luxury.
  • The customer can send feedback to restaurant management without talking with staff.
  • The customer can subscribe to the system to get the latest news of the restaurant and offers.
  • Features of Client Applications

    The customer gets exactly what he wants:

    Platinum Menu designed with the latest software technology to make the ordering experience enjoyable and easy. It allows the customer to see large and clear photos of the meal, he can read the ingredients of the meal and all the information related to it, know the price options, and modify some options or request specific additions. Then the order will be sent automatically to the cashier.

    Features of the control panel

    Note: Options that the admin modify from the control panel appear automatically in all restaurant Apps.

    Menus are available in three languages set by the admin.

    the application Design suits the style of the restaurant:
    • Change colors.
    • Add and modify the restaurant's logo.
    • Add and modify the cover image.
    • Add and edit the restaurant profile.
    • Locate the restaurant on the map.
    • Add and modify contact numbers for the restaurant.

    Administrative Options

    • Add the lounge captains and set password for each.
    • Add cashiers and specify a special password for each cashiers.
    • Set the header and footer of the bill.
    • Set the tax rate if any.
    • Set the value of the delivery fees.
    • Promotions for the restaurant.

    Items & Meals

    • Add (add-on) options to meals.
    • Add and modify the main categories.
    • Add and modify meals, add photos and explanation, several options and prices for each meal.
    • Each section in the kitchen receives orders according to its category.
    • Possibility to hide / show some meals if they are not available.

    Features of Cashier

    • Review open invoices.
    • Print invoices.
    • Add a new invoice.
    • Modify the invoice.
    • Merge two invoices.
    • Several Payment methods (cash – bankcard).
    • Discounts.
    • Bills can be paid in more than one currency.
    • Bills can be paid with more than one bankcard.
    • Compatible with all types and sizes of printers.

    Professional Website Design and Programing

    The site includes the following sections:
    • Home Page.
    • About the restaurant (its contents can be modified through the control panel).
    • Offers of the day (the content can be modified through the control panel).
    • Menu (contents can be modified through the control panel).
    • Submit an order.
    • Map of branches.
    • Join us.
    • Contact us
    Technical Features:
    • Compatible with terms of search engine.
    • Compatible with mobile systems.
    • Compatible with different screen sizes.
    • Compatible with social networking sites.
    • Arabic and English.

    Professional (Android & IOS) Mobile Application

    • Works on Android and iPhone.
    • Offers of the day (the content can be modified through the control panel).
    • Menu (contents can be modified through the control panel).
    • Submit an order.
    • Map of branches.
    • Join us.
    • Contact us.

    Request a Demo

    You can Test the application in 30-days free, with access to all features, where you can download items and meals, deliver orders and issuing bills.

    Join us

    When you join us through this section you will get all the special offers, win free meals from restaurants in your city and will have the chance to win competitions and draws

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