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Increase Your Revenue with Platinum Menu Digital Menus
It's helps you maximize your ordering revenue by AI-driven dine-in, pickup, and delivery solutions.
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What is (Platinum Menu) system?

Platinum Menu is a Professional Digital Menu working on Tablets & QR Code & Website for Restaurants - User friendly


You can using it through a QR code or through a link

Different display and color control
Emoji writing
Tools to hide unavailable products
The ability to add an unlimited external links
Allow restaurant customers to open accounts for them through it
Various statistical reports
Suitable for various business activities
  • Compliant with search engines
  • Suggestion Box
  • Each customer who has opened an account within your menu, can create his own favorite list
  • No need to download any app
  • Arabic and English
  • Order management system

  • Control in all order options
  • The possibility of activating or deactivating the ordering system, including (Dine in - Pick up - delivery)
  • Hide some products for each type of order
  • Each customer who has opened an account within your menu, can save his delivery location list for future use
  • Delivery address can be selected on the maps
  • The delivery fee can be set on a fixed basis or according to each area
  • Teps option can be activated or deactivated
  • Tax option can be activated or deactivated
  • Payment options can be selected
  • Your customer can tracking his order
  • Reservation system


    Plans for all levels

    10 Days
    Feature Small Ultimate Platinum
    No. of products 15 250 500
    English & Arabic
    Online manager
    Full themes control
    My links
    USD / Month
    USD / Month
    USD / Month
    Offer Free 46
    USD / Month
    USD / Month
    Add ons
    Ordering System 23 USD / Month
    Reservation System 23 USD / Month
    NFC Cards 30 USD / Card

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